Digital Accounts Payable IQWorker

The Digital Accounts Payable IQWorker can conduct the entire accounts payable end to end process from receipt of invoice, scanning of invoice and three-way matching, through to entry into ERP. This IQWorker handles 28 validations and exceptions and can work with both PO and non-PO scenarios. The Digital Accounts Payable IQWorker comes with a built-in workflow capability and can track and report on progress and operational KPIs.


IQ Worker Reporting Dashboard

The Invoice Workbench allows you to:

  • Conduct management by Exception - easily make corrections to records not read by DW instead of redoing the whole invoice
  • Maintain Audit History of all modifications made
  • Enter Account, Account Alias, Distribution Set for Non PO Invoices
  • Use the Split functionality to split amount to multiple accounts (inline with ERP functionality)

What i can handle (28+ validations)

  • Vendor Emails
  • PO based Invoices
  • (Active PO, PO Out of Funds*3 way)
  • Line Pairing
  • Manual corrections
  • Non-PO invoice
  • Approval Workflow
  • Reporting

Who i work with

  • OracleR12
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP
  • Lawson

What i deliver (business benefits)

  • I am precise and never make mistakes
  • I can process on average 600 invoices per 24hrs
  • Higher STP (85% on average)
  • Faster clearing rate (average 20 secs for STP)

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