End-to-end automation for customer order management processes

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The Problem

Businesses that process customer purchase orders manually often deal with data input errors, lower net profit margins, wasted employee time, slower cash flow, and late deliveries, leading to customer dissatisfaction. A study by APQC reports that “Organizations using order processing automation have experienced an average of 80% faster order processing speeds, staff productivity increased as much as 65%, and order delivery times cut from several days to the same day.”

Customer Matching
Duplicate customers, related customers,
multiple addresses

Item Matching
Customer item vs. internal item,

The Solution

Customer Success Story

Large Healthcare Provider

    The accounts payable processes were manual and tedious, resulting in the following pain points:

  • Over 50% of the invoices were received through email, requiring constant monitoring, identification, and querying of vendor emails.
  • Manual pre-processing of the invoices and vendor follow-ups took up to 70% of the employee’s time, resulting in a high number of manual errors.
  • The existing OCR engine only provided 40% Straight-Through-Processing (STP) with over 20% error rate.

HighIQ’s solution, Oscar, provided end-to-end intelligent automation of the accounts payable process in the cloud including:

  • Monitoring and managing invoices delivered via email
  • Pre-processing of invoice data without errors
  • Automatic extraction of invoice data
  • Multi-step validation and approval workflows
  • Integration with the ERP system to process the invoices

Oscar enabled the automation of manual processes, helping the customer realize the return on investment (ROI) quickly and provided the following benefits:

  • 75% straight-through-processing (STP) due to improved accuracy of invoice processing, elimination of manual errors, and real-time reporting
  • Reduction in late payments and improved vendor statement reconciliations
  • 25% increase in overall operational efficiency


Lower Operational Costs

Reduce up to 50% order processing costs and avoid late payments.

Easy to configure

With minimal IT support, customers can install and go.

Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Deploy automation without disrupting existing systems and realize its ROI within days.

Improved Control & Compliance

Get higher visibility on performance insights and audit each step whenever required.


Email Manager: Monitor and manage semi-structured vendor emails, order attachments, and queries to ensure proper communication.

Pre-Processor: The pre-processor enables the review of documents to remove any noise present, such as the removal of blank pages, the management of images, proper page orientation, multi-document classification, header and footer management, paragraph continuity, and many other elements that improve the readability of the documents.

OCR Engine: Important information is defined and automatically extracted from the purchase orders.

HighlQ User Board (HUB): View real-time reporting dashboards and configure automation workflows. Also, view the purchase orders processed, track their status, and make changes as required.

ERP Integrator: Delivers purchase order data to downstream ERP systems (like QuickBooks, Oracle EBS, SAP, NetSuite, etc.) without disrupting existing systems.

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HighIQ’s intelligent contract reader, Bumi, is powered by HighIQ’s proprietary algorithms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Amazon’s Textract, which automatically extracts data from scanned documents. Deploy intelligent automation for contract abstraction instantly in your own secure AWS Cloud environment.

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