Real Estate Contract Abstraction

Gain control of important contract insights
that are distributed over multiple contracts.

Review and analyze Real-Estate Leases, Agreements, Disclosures, and other supporting contracts with
Bumi, gather actionable contract insights within minutes and deliver them seamlessly to downstream
contract management applications.

Use Cases

Real-estate leases are rather long and complicated, often requiring hours of manual effort to review and extract important information from them. Multiple contracts are added to the lease contract as addendums. Embedded leases are often overlooked. The contract information needs to be structured before they are put into a contract management system.


Bumi is trained to review real-estate leases and 30+ different types of documents. It can extract information based on a pre-defined keyword search of standard terms/clauses that are usually found in these documents. The search can be expanded by using custom keywords and synonyms. Bumi then summarizes and organizes the extracted contract information, such that it can easily be delivered to downstream contract management applications. Bumi can also perform preliminary checks for embedded leases so that no critical information is missed.

Sample Clause Data Extractions

  • Term information
  • Landlord obligations
  • Tenant obligations
  • Parking
  • Area
  • Rent
  • Dates
  • Renewal
  • Right of first offer
  • Right of first refusal
  • Holdover
  • Relocation
  • Workers compensation
  • Signatures

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