Energy Contract Abstraction

Move quickly with actionable contract insights
throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Leverage Bumi Energy to analyze different types of contracts that are unique to the Energy domain
such as Oil & Gas leases,Granting Instruments, Purchase & Sale Documents, Service Agreements, etc.
to make better data-driven decisions.

Use Cases

When oil wells are planned to be drilled, every well needs to have a lease contract. Based on the size of the company, there are usually millions of these lease contracts. The analysis of each individual contract is done manually and results in a cumbersome, inefficient process. There is an imminent need to improve the efficiency of the teams analyzing contracts in the legal and supply chain departments.


Bumi Energy can be used to extract critical unstructured information from the vast number of contracts and convert it to comprehensible structured information to enhance the contract analysis process. Bumi Energy is trained to specifically extract terms that are unique to the Energy domain and make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for within minutes. The extracted information can then be delivered to downstream contract management applications.

Sample Clause Data Extractions

  • Absolute ownership
  • Abstract company
  • Acreage contribution
  • Adverse possession
  • Assignment clause
  • Authority for expenditure
  • Bonus consideration
  • Habendum clause
  • Joint operating agreement
  • Joint venture
  • Lease purchase agreement
  • Mineral owner
  • Net revenue interest
  • Offset well
  • Oil payment
  • Paid-up lease
  • Production payment
  • Royalty

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