Get ahead of the
RPA curve

Real-world robotic process automation with ERP
expertise and pre-built IQWorkers™
“HighIQ on AWS marketplace gives the best of both worlds. We will get to try and buy HighIQ’s ready to run Digital workers and enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing, and merged billing through AWS Marketplace as a part of our cloud spend. Clearly, digital workers and intelligent automation solutions have become critical to supplement the human workforce in the age of COVID. Using a proven solution such as HighIQ through a trusted source such as the AWS marketplace is a paradigm shift in the way we will try and buy solutions in the future.”
Norman Osumi
Sr. Director at Norton LifeLock

HighIQ’s Offering

RPA technology solutions and pre-built digital workers / bots

✦ Ready to implement
✦ Deliver instant RPA success
✦ Cost savings
✦ Increase in efficiency

Consultancy and managed services from subject matter experts in RPA consulting and ERP processes

✦ Oracle, SAP, Workday, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics

100+ technical and functional experts in RPA & ERP

✦ Developers
✦ Functional Experts
✦ Product Engineers
✦ Cloud Engineers


Your expert RPA partner

HighIQ can help you avoid throwing money at an RPA solution with little or no return and bridge the gap to practical RPA solutions that deliver real-world results and swift ROI.

HighIQ was founded to get you ahead of the RPA curve. Part of the August Group, we deliver a unique fusion of expert ERP consultancy services and game-changing RPA solutions with our pre-built digital IQWorkers™.

Meet your business challenges with our RPA solutions

Reduce Costs

Our RPA solutions can save the salary and associated costs of multiple admin roles or expensive outsourcing, allowing your human employees to focus on higher value business activities.

Increase Productivity

One digital IQWorker™ can perform the duties of several human workers, and performs tirelessly 24x7x365. The productivity benefits are measurable immediately and improve further over time.

Improve Compliance

RPA eliminates human error and provides automatic audit trails for compliance. By keeping control of your business processes inhouse, RPA avoids the risks of external outsourcing.

Build or Buy RPA? Your answer should be… Both!

A key question for your business
when implementing RPA is

Should we build our own bespoke bots / digital
workers – or buy a pre-existing product?

The Build option seems attractive in that you can create a solution tailored for your specific needs, but it can prove a lengthy process requiring upfront capex investment and with no guarantee of a successful outcome.

The Buy option with a pre-built RPA solution lets you get started faster on an opex model – but what if that solution proves not to fit your way of working?

We think you should be able to gain the advantages of both approaches – without the potential drawbacks. Our consulting services can help you build your own RPA solution based on our proven ERP expertise. Deploying our pre-built IQWorkers™ delivers opex advantages from day one – while their configurability and intelligent machine learning adapts to your way of working over time – delivering continuous ongoing efficiency improvement.

Evolve from task-based bots to role-based IQWorkers™

We believe that to deliver results for your business, RPA needs to evolve to the next generation. We go beyond basic task-based bots to role-based digital workers that replicate
the capabilities of a human employee.

We call our next-gen pre-built solution the IQWorker™. Our unique AI-driven technology differentiates IQWorkers™ from other digital worker solutions, enabling unrivalled exception handling and validation capabilities. IQWorkers™ think, analyze and act in your business environment like a skilled human worker:

Move ahead on your RPA journey

Wherever you are on your RPA journey, we can help.

Whether you are in pre-planning, at an early level of your deployment, or at an advanced stage, HighIQ offers you tailor-made solutions to fit your business requirements.

New to RPA?

Use our 10-week Starter Pack to validate RPA for your business

1. RPA strategy

2. RPA bot development and support

3. Hands-on training for your users

Price $50,000 – With guaranteed time saving of 250 hours per annum

Familiar with RPA?

Use HighIQ’s IQWorkers™

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